Terms and conditions

Valid from spring 2024

Academic calendar

Our academic calendar has 35 weeks in total starting late August and ending mid-June, taken to account that students might have to cancel a few lessons due to school events at BISS Gausel. Each semester lasts about 5 months, fall semester from mid-August to mid-January (17 lesson weeks) and Spring semester from mid-January to mid-June (18 lesson weeks). We follow the same school holidays as BISS Gausel.  


Semester Contract

Semester fee contract

Semester Fees are invoiced via e-mail once at the beginning of each semester. A monthly payment plan can be granted on request. If a student enrolls late in the semester the fee will be reduced accordingly. The semester fee includes one free lesson a year, rewarding long-term commitments.

Refunds - Semester contract

All fees are non-refundable, due to absence by student (regardless of reason). If the teacher cancels lessons they will be rescheduled. If a teacher cancels 2 or more times without rescheduling the lesson(s), students will be refunded on the upcoming invoice.

Individual Lesson Plan Contract

Individual lesson plan contract fees

If you don't want to commit to a full semester, your teacher will create an individual lesson plan for you (ILP). Lessons will be invoiced periodically according to the plan.

Refunds - ILP contract

All fees are non-refundable, due to absence by student (regardless of reason). If the teacher cancels lessons they will be rescheduled or refunded.

Sibling discount

Sibling discount only applies to individual lessons and not group lessons. It's a flat rate deducted once a semester for the second child.


The annual fee for instrument leasing must be paid in cash, via bank or Vipps when collecting the instrument and signing the rental contract. The annual fee covers leasing throughout the academic year and instruments must be returned before each summer holiday. 

Summer rental is possible for an additional summer rental fee. 


If a student is not able to attend any lesson, they must give a 48-hour notice via e-mail or SMS directly to the teacher. For long-term planned absence students must apply for leave. If leave is granted, we will consider reducing the fees.


Semester contracts

Unless other agreements are made, a student paying semester fees have a binding contract that is automatically continued to the next semester and next academic year - until terminated in writing. Termination must be done in writing to our administration by 1st of August for the coming Fall Semester and 1st of December for the coming Spring semester, otherwise you will be invoiced for the next semester. 

Individual lesson plan contracts

ILP contracts are made in agreement with the student. Termination must be done in writing to our administration two (2) weeks in advance.  

Termination by Aurora Vocalis

Aurora Vocalis reserves the right to terminate any lessons for lack of payment, if a student is not making adequate progress, or if regular practice is not in evidence. One-month notice will be given in advance of any termination of lessons (two weeks notice for ILP's).


Books, original sheet music and other teaching materials required differs and are not included in the fees. Students are themselves responsible for acquiring the required materials. Aurora Vocalis has a limited stock of books available for purchase. 


*Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music

ABRSM is the responsible party for creating and conducting the exams. Our responsibilities are solely as the 'Applicant Host' and 'Applicant' for our students, and we follow the rules set by ABRSM https://no.abrsm.org/en/our-exams/information-and-regulations/ 


Entry rules are set by ABRSM, see https://no.abrsm.org/en/exam-booking/  The applicant must be of legal age. Our students or parents may choose to enter by them self, or have Aurora Vocalis (AV) enter students on their behalf. Students not affiliated with AV must contact AV administration for approval to enter exams at BISS Gausel. AV may assist with information and entries for all.


For those who wishes for Aurora Vocalis to act as their «Applicant» for entry, the payment will go through us. Students will be invoiced in advance and the price includes ABRSM's entry fee (in Norwegian currency), a fee for foreign bank transfer and administrative costs (all in NOK).