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We are collaborating with BISS Gausel* and give most of our lessons from their school building. Some of our teachers also offer lessons from their homes in the district or student's home.

*The British International Schools of Stavanger

About us

Aurora Vocalis (the morning light and rising voice of musicians), is a music academy located in Norway, the land of Aurora Borealis (northern lights). Our tutors are experienced musicians and teachers, giving our students quality education in the search for their inner musician. At our main venue, BISS Gausel, Stavanger, we are collaborating with BISS to provide an extension of their local music program in and out of school. July 2021, we successfully arranged our first summer camp, fully funded by Stavanger kommune (municipality).

We also have a close cooperation with ABRSM (the associated board of royal schools of music) in UK and have successfully hosted their exams for several years so our international students both can get experience with stage performance and receive UCAS points for studies abroad.

If you don't have an instrument, you may lease a variation of instruments from us. 

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