Musical Summer Camp

July 2023

Musical summer camp 2023

Get ready! The planning has started! Last time we had more than 150 students spread over 4 weeks. Join us in July 2023. Admissions begin in April/May.

Do you love to sing, play an instrument, or wish to learn? Maybe you want to play and sing together with others? Want to learn more Norwegian or English at the same time? If so, you should join our Musical Summer Camp! 

Location: BISS Gausel, Gauselbakken 105/107, 4032 Stavanger

Who: Open for all, regardless of residency and school connections.

Age: Age 6-16 divided into years 1-4; 5-7 and 8-10

Language: English and Norwegian

Periode: July 2023, week 27-30. Students commit to a minimum of one full week. Start-up provided we have enough applications.

Price: If we are granted financial support from Stavanger kommune it will be FREE, including two meals per day, snacks, and lunch. If we are not granted financial support we will still go ahead, but will then have to charge a weekly fee per student (Monday to Friday). The application to Stavanger kommune and their program 'Barnas Sommer', is not yet released. 

The number of places: Limited to a maximum of 20 students per group for years 1-7 and 12 students in years 8-10. We need a minimum of applications in each year group to run the camp and reserve the right to cancel if our minimum quota is not met.

Opening hours:

  • Years 1-4 and 5-7 (age 6-12), open between 08.00-16.00, Monday to Friday
  • Years 8-10 (age 13-16), open between 10.30-15.00, Monday to Friday

Program: See below the interest form and pictures, you can read what happened in July 2021 to get some insight as to how the summer camp of 2023 can look like. We will mix different music and instrumental courses like singing, brass, percussion, and theory in smaller groups. We are still hiring instructors and adjusting the courses and will update you with more details when the program is set.

Registration: The entry period has not opened yet, but you can register your interest here and we will contact you when we have more information. 

Daily Schedule for years 1-7*:
08.00-09.00: Registration/Free play
09.00-09.30: Welcome/Warm-up
09.30-10.15: Group lessons/activities
10.15-11.00: Snack break
11.00-12.20: Group lessons/activities
12.20-12.50: Lunch (hot or cold food)
12.50-13.30: Break
13.30-15.30: Group lessons/activities
15.30-16.00: Free play/Pick-up time
Week-end performances on Fridays.

Daily Schedule for years 8-10*:
10.30-12.30: Group lessons/activities
12.30-12.55: Lunch (hot or cold food)
12.55-13.20: Break
13.20-14.05: Group lessons/activities
14.05-14.15: Snack break
14.15-15.00: Group lessons/activities
15.00: Dismissal (Monday-Thursday)
Fridays: Performances from 15.00 to 16.00. Dismissal at 16.00.

*The times are indicative and can vary somewhat from day to day.

Interest form for musical summer camp 2023

Summer Camp 2021

Aurora Vocalis Music Academy arranged for the first time in July 2021, a musical summer camp for children and teens aged 6-16 years old with great success and more than 150 students spread over 4 weeks. 

What happened?

Here you can read what happened in 2021 and our template for further planning.

Food: Snacks and lunch are included, but please bring your water bottle. Rema 1000 Storaberget is giving us free fruit for the first week. Our contributor for Wednesday's lunch 07.07.21, is Greenpeas, who has given us significantly reduced prices: 

Time: The camp opens at 08.00 and closes at 16.00. There will be a snack break around 10.15 and lunch with hot or cold food around 12.20. Break times are indicative and can vary somewhat depending on the lessons.

Delivery and pick-up: Morning registration between 08.00-09.00. Pick-up is between 15.30 and 16.00. For pick-up, please come to the gate and announce your arrival to our base contact and then wait outside the playground! Do not wait in the playground. The base contact will bring your child to you. No students are allowed to leave the camp without signing out with the base contact. Delivery or pick-up outside these hours must be agreed upon beforehand.

Costs: The offer is free of charge, included food, and is fully funded by "Barnas sommer 2021" (The children's summer), Stavanger Municipality. The British International Schools of Stavanger, BISS Gausel, and BISS Foundation are graciously making their premises and equipment available, free of charge to support this project. Some of the food is also sponsored by local businesses.


  • Rain gear, waterproof boots, and other appropriate clothes for that day.
    Each student will have their personal space for clothes, so they may leave a set of everything behind for the duration of their camp period.
  • Change of clothes. If a child has an accident or becomes wet or dirty, they need a change of clothes. We are not able to provide this.
  • Indoor shoes.
  • Pencil case with content for writing and drawing. If they have their scissors, that would be good to bring. This is again to limit sharing of equipment. If you don't have all the content, we have the equipment to borrow.
  • Water bottle
  • Instrument. As stated earlier, you bring it if you have it.
  • Headset for keyboards (phono, not Bluetooth)

Absence: If your child will be absent from camp, please contact us as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours before. We are buying and preparing food every day and if students don't show up without notice, we'll have a lot of food waste.

Entry: Send an email to the camp to be waitlisted.

Infection control will be followed by Stavanger municipality's corona measures, as well as BISS's routines for the use of instruments and premises. Sick students or parents must not come to camp.