Semester contract

For students

Welcome to Aurora Vocalis Music Academy!

Please read and fill out this contract to confirm the details of your agreement with us.

Terms and conditions

This is a shortened versions of our terms and conditions. Full version applies.

STUDENT ABSENCE: If a student can't attend the lesson it has to be cancelled 24 hours in advance (or as soon as possible) via e-mail or SMS directly to the teacher or administration. See our contact page for contact details. For long term planned absence, the student has to apply for leave in writing to the administration. PERIODE OF BINDING AND TERMINATION: Unless otherwise has been agreed, the semester fee is a binding contract that is automatically renewed the next semester and school year, until terminated in writing. The letter of termination has to be sent to the administration by August 1st before the coming fall semester and December 1st for the coming spring semester. If not, you will be invoiced for the next semester. Aurora Vocalis reserve the right to terminate any lesson and contract for lack of payment, if the student is not showing enough progression, or if regular practice is not in evidence. One month notice will be given in such cases. REFUNDS: There is no refund due to student absence (regardless of cause). If the lessons are cancelled by the teacher, they will be rescheduled. If a teacher cancels 2 or more lessons without rescheduling them, the student will be refunded on the next invoice. TEACHING MATERIALS: Books, sheet music and other teaching materials needed varies and is not included in the fees. Students are themselves responsible for acquiring the required materials. Aurora Vocalis has a limited stock of books available for sale.

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Semester contract