Instrument lease

Terms and agreement

To ensure our students have access to their instrument and continuity in their practice, The British International Schools of Stavanger (BISS), Gausel and Aurora Vocalis Music Academy are jointly leasing a limited range of instruments for our students. The instruments will remain as school property during the leasing period, but the lessee is responsible for the instrument's care and maintenance as stated in the lease agreement.

Leasing fees

Violin and guitar

Leasing fee per semester, August to December or January to June

NOK 300


Leasing fee per semester, August to December or January to June

NOK 150

Summer rental

Flat rate for lease of all instruments over the summer holiday

NOK 300

No discount or refund given on leasing fees.

Lease agreement for instruments

As a student/parent/caretaker, I ensure that the instrument will be taken good care of in accordance with the rules and conditions stated in this agreement.


The lessee has the full responsibility for the instrument during the rental period. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance of the instrument and any additional accessories, together with consumables like resin, strings etc. Violinists are recommended to have an extra set of strings available.


The school don't have insurance for rented instruments. The lessee is finacially responsible for any damages to the instrument. The lessee is NOT permitted to carry out repairs on their own, but must contact Aurora Vocalis for advice on what to do.


If the instruments or any of the additional accessories are lost they must be replaced by the lessee with the same brand and model, or the equivalent based on the value of purchasing a new instrument or accessory.


The leasing fee must be paid immediately on receipt of the instrument.


When the student has completed the lessons, or changed to a private instrument, the leased instrument and any additional accessories must be returned to Aurora Vocalis as soon as possible and within 14 days.