Music teacher?

We are looking for indipendent and engaged teachers for permanent and temporary positions

Why work with us?

We want teachers to be teachers - let us worry about the rest

  • Flexible schedule after agreement
  • No student invoicing
  • Meetings when needed only
  • Would you like to be employed or hired?
  • Joint administration
  • Compeeting sallary

What is needed?

  • Language: English and/or Norwegian
  • Certificate of good conduct less than 3 months old
  • Relevant experience within music and teaching
  • Personal suitability will be prioritised before formal education

Current positions available

  • Guitar teacher - short-term cover
  • Singing teacher/choir - permanent


Send us an e-mail with your application, CV, and picture. Relevant applicants will be invited for an interview and trial lesson.
Positions may be adapted to the teacher's strengths and needs when possible

Commencement in August/September 2023

Write to:

Tentative positions from fall 2023


Children's choir for PYP1-3.
Children's choir for PYP4-MYP1


Extending singing program, one-on-one lessons.


Extending guitar program, one-on-one lessons and groups.

Music club

Start-up of a music club with variation of different musical and instrumental activities. Based on our summer camp program.


Start-up of a new program for percussion and drums, one-on-one lessons and groups.


Start-up of a new program for brass, one-on-one lessons and groups.

About us

Aurora Vocalis is a small, but growing music academy based in Stavanger, Norway. Most of our lessons are taught from the venues of BISS Gausel in Stavanger (The British International Schools of Stavanger, Gausel), but also in our tutor's or student's homes in the district. July 2021, we arranged our first summer camp, fully funded by Stavanger kommune (municipality). This was a great success and we have many new interested students that wish to continue. Lesson are scheduled after school hours and is open for all, regardless of residency and age.

We are looking for more coworkers with passion for music and teaching to help us grow and educate dedicated and talented musicians.

Salary: after agreement

Language: Our customers have international background and lessons are taught in both Norwegian and English.