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Lærer og elev ved piano leksjon
  Individual programs 

Music is for everyone. If you want to feel more comfortable for personal use or need help to pass exams or auditions, no matter what your goals are the program will be tailored to your needs, level and goals. We offer individual lessons for all ages weekly throughout the academic year. Summer lessons may be considered by request. Lessons are given from the teacher's homes or at cooperating schools in the Stavanger area. 

 Group programs 

Every semester we have a Music Theory Club hosted at BISS for both BISS students and external students. All levels are welcome. The program will be tailored individually and the duration will be adapted to level and program. The syllabus may cover everything from learning basic notation to music history and practical rhytm training. Our ABRSM program is the most popular, with official written exams in November and June, where students receive a certificate and credits when they pass.

Groups in other subjects are considered on request. Students may create their own groups before contacting us, or we will put together suitable groups.

Choir Performing

We offer after school choirs for students at BISS from PYP1 and up. It takes time to build unity and unison singing in a choir, hence we encourage students to commit to a full year membership. Songs are a variation of children's songs, popular songs and musical songs. Sometimes we might combine songs with drama and dance if the students are interested. Everyone participates where they feel comfortable, no pressure. We also learn vocal technique, ear-traning and Solfege. 

If you plan to start a choir, or already run a choir, we can also give lessons within theory, conducting and vocal training. All ages.

 ABRSM exams 

International recognition for your musical skills.
Co-hosting with BISS we are fortunate to be one of few ABRSM examination centers in Scandinavia and the only one i Rogaland. We are therefore responsible for any student wishing to attend ABRSM practical exams at us, regardless of connections to other music schools or teachers. We also offer to act as Applicant for all students (including from other schools), taking responsibility for the entire entry process on your behalf. Payments are then invoiced from our company in NOK.

The ABRSM exam syllabuses are embodied in the other programs when required.     Read more..