Piano lessons

Individual Piano Lessons is suitable for all levels and ages. Lessons also includes rhythm, theory and aural practice that enhances the learning experience as well as making it fun. If you are interested in music exams, we have experience with both ABRSM and TRINITY exams.

FREE Trial lessons 

For a free trial lesson with no commitment. Please register via our entry form or contact form.

Semester Fees

Semester fee 30-minutes: NOK 5300 (or 1060 monthly).

Semester fee 45-minutes: NOK 7650 (or 1530 monthly).

Semester fee 60-minutes: NOK 10200 (or 2040 monthly).

Buddy lessons 60-minutes: NOK 5100 (or 1020 monthly per student). 

Sibling discount:

Sibling number two get NOK 300 off per semester on one-on-one lessons (flat rate for second child, not per instrument or subject). The discount does not apply to group lessons.




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BISS Gausel.

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Stavanger, Våland

Stavanger Centre

Stavanger, Gausel Centre

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