Not everyone needs to become a professional singer, but everyone should enjoy singing with the voice they have.

Everyone with a voice can sing, but some might need extra help to feel comfortable and enjoy it. Do you want to learn how to sing in tune, pass a singing exam, or just be confident enough to sing along with others? No matter what your goals are for having lessons, the program will be individually adapted to fit each student’s needs, level and goals. There are no age limit or experience requirements to enter.

As a technical foundation, classical training is used, but other genres will also be on the repertoire. Some of the teaching elements included in the program are:

  • Vocal training – included breathing technique and posture.

  • Vocal anatomy – understanding your instrument and keeping it healthy.

  • Aural training – developing aural skills and listening awareness.

  • Music theory – included sight-singing.

  • Interpretation and stage performance – how to interpret a song and convey a story to the audience, sometimes through drama.


For the first lesson the students should bring with them any recent repertoire and prepare a couple of songs they are comfortable with. After hearing the voice, we will be able to suggest more exactly how to proceed to reach technical and personal goals.


Students are encouraged to enter ABRSM exams and the program will then be adapted to meet the ABRSM requirements.

Duration and prices*:
Single lessons fees:

30 minutes: NOK 320 per lesson

45 minutes: NOK 450 per lesson

60 minutes: NOK 600 per lesson

Semester fees:
One lesson a week: 

30 minutes: NOK 5250

45 minutes: NOK 7650

60 minutes: NOK 10200

Two lessons a week:

2x30 minutes: 10500 NOK

2x45 minutes: 15300 NOK

Each semester is about 5 months. Fall semester runs from mid-August to mid-January. Spring semester runs from mid-January to mid-June.

Sibling discount:

Sibling number two get NOK 300 off per semester on one-on-one lessons (flat rate for second child, not per instrument or subject). The discount does not apply to group lessons.

*All prices includes a copy fee for a limited range of legal copies, but exclude original sheet music, books or other teaching materials.