Ms. Manqing Jiang

Piano, music theory

Ms. Jiang started playing the piano at the age of four. She has a masters degree in classical piano performance and have been teaching piano for many years. 

The focus in her classes are posture, technique, musical receptivity and music theory, adjusted to each students abilities and needs. She is patient, joyful, enthusiastic and encouraging in her teaching. Ms Jiang builds on her students strengths, which is a very strong motivator for progress. She loves to discover the students true potential and let them enjoy their musical journey. With diligent and thorough practice as well, the results can be phenomenal.

"I believe that with the right teaching methods the students will be motivated and confident in learning to play the piano."





Markveien 3C, 4020 Stavanger


Tel: (+47) 458 68 635

Org: 997 184 238


BISS Gausel.

Stavanger, Vaulen

Stavanger, Våland

Stavanger Centre

Stavanger, Gausel Centre

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