Ms. Ina-Marian Øygard 

Ms. Ina-Marian Øygard

Vocal, piano, music theory, music therapy, choir, ABRSM coordinator

Kopier inn fra forrige side.


She started her musical carreer at an early age with singing, piano and choir. From the age of 14 she has been  lim inn fra forrige side.. , both children's choirs, youth and adult choirs.  She has also studied a year program for Worship Leaders. From August 2019 she will be part time employed music teacher at BISS - British International School of Stavanger, alongside her commitments to private lessons at Aurora Vocalis.

Manager is Ms Ina-Marian Øygard, a music and singing teacher in Fine Arts, with training in education and pedagogics. She has been teaching various music subjects since 2011 and conducted and accompanied different choirs for more than 20 years. She is also the local ABRSM Coordinator and Host for Stavanger.




Markveien 3C, 4020 Stavanger


Tel: (+47) 458 68 635

Org: 997 184 238


BISS Gausel.

Stavanger, Vaulen

Stavanger, Våland

Stavanger Centre

Stavanger, Gausel Centre

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