Open house

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Program for open house at
  Gausel 2022

Wednesday 17/08 @ 14.15-15.30: Piano (one-on-one; group/club for children)
Thursday 18/08, @ 15.15-16.30: Piano (one-on-one), Music theory and Guitar (group/club)
Fredag 19/08 @ 15.15-16.30: Piano (one-on-one; group/club for adults), Choir (PY1-6) and Violin/viola/string (one-on-one and group/club)

Unless otherwise specified, our lessons are available for all (regardless of their school affiliation), and all ages, but BISS students have priority.

One-on-one lessons commence in week 34. Groups/clubs* commences in week 36.

  • Piano club* for children is suitable for beginners and continues on Wednesdays at 14.15. You don't need your own instrument.
  • Piano club* for adults is suitable for beginners. Regular time and day is not decided yet. You don't need your own instrument.
  • Guitar club* is suitable for beginners and those who wish for more variation playing in a group. Regular time and day is not decided yet. You don't need your own instrument.
  • String club* for violin and all strings. We wish to build skills up to a level for chamber music.Regular time and day is not decided yet. We have violins for loan or rent.
  • Music theory club for all levels and uses ABRSM syllabus. ABRSM exam is optional. Club continues on Thursdays @ 15.15-16.00
  • Choir* for PY4-6 will continue Fridays @ 15.00-16.00
  • Choir* for PY1-3, regular day and time is not decided yet.

*Commencement of groups/clubs and choir will depend on a minimum number of students.


Clubs: NOK 1200 for 10 lessons

One-on-one lessons: From NOK 5.400 per semester (17-18 lessons)

See Price list for more details


For clubs in piano, guitar and violin, students don't need to bring an instrument, but can borrow. We also lease guitar, violin og ukulele, see prices here. Piano leasing is under consideration. We can always help with advice and guidance related to buying new or used instruments.