At BISS (British International Schools of Stavanger) we run after school choirs from PYP3 and to MYP5.


Friday September 4th.

We wish to welcome BISS students to an open day Friday September 4th.

  • PYP 3-5 from 15.00-16.00.

  • MYP 1-5 from 16.00-16.40

  • PYP 6 and MYP1 both at 15.00-16.00 and 16.00-16.40

We consider PYP6 and MYP1 to be transition years where there will be individual differences and preferences to choice of age group. Students will together with the teacher decide which group to choose (if not both).

Please enter for the free trial using our entry form or contact form.

We collect PYP students from class at 15.00 if you let us know the name and class.

Location: BISS Gausel Cube (annex top floor).


No commitments until after trials. 

Choir for Upper PYP&MYP (PYP3-MYP1)

Fridays 15.00-16.00

The repertoire is a variation of children's songs, popular and musical songs. Lessons includes vocal technique, ear-training and Solfege.

Musical Theater Choir (PYP6-MYP5) 

Fridays 16.00-16.40

The repertoire will focus more on songs from stage and screen - Movies and Musicals. 

Lessons will includes vocal technique, ear-training, Solfege and stage performance/drama.

Semester fees

NOK 750 per semester per student.

Places in both choirs are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.​




Markveien 3C, 4020 Stavanger


Tel: (+47) 458 68 635

Org: 997 184 238


BISS Gausel.

Stavanger, Vaulen

Stavanger, Våland

Stavanger Centre

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