ABRSM is the UK’s largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers and the world’s leading provider of music exams, offering assessments to more than 650,000 candidates in over 90 countries every year. (abrsm.org)

The British International School of Stavanger (BISS) is fortunate to be one of the few ABRSM examination centers in Scandinavia. Every year ABRSM sends an examiner to Scandinavia to hold Practical Exams for both classical and jazz instrumentalists, traditional and classical singing and Singing for Musical Theater (SFMT). Other than contributing with the facilities, BISS is not responsible for this exam.

Graded music exams

ABRSM exams are music exams rather than instrumental and singing exams. Examiners assess the quality of music-making, which includes performance skills, technical skills, notation skills, listening skills and musical perception. Exams are available at eight levels - Grades 1-8 Suitable for all students studying an instrument or singing, especially those wanting a higher education within music or need extra credits.


NEW 2020/2021: Initial grade for Bowed Strings and Piano.

NEW fall 2020 Online exams for grade 1-8. Please contact us for more info.


Prep Test (PT) for most classical instruments and singing. Suitable for elementary level students who wishes an easy introduction to the graded exams without the pressure of pass or fail.

Performance Assessment (PA) with no syllabus or repertoire requirements for all subjects. Suitable for those wanting experience and feedback on your performance with a self-elected program, without worry about a big audience or passing a grade.


Diploma (ARSM) in all classical instruments and singing. Post-Grade 8 performance-only diploma. Through a self-elected 30-minute programme you will be assessed on your practical performing skills and programme as a whole.

Entry for ALL exam candidates
(BISS students and Others)

Aurora Vocalis is not responsible for the exam itself, but has the role of  «The Applicant host» and facilitates so the ABRSM examiner can hold exams. For our students we will act as «The Applicant» (see ABRSM regulations), with all that implies. Payments will then go through Aurora Vocalis (see terms). In all other ways, ABRSM Terms and Conditions applies for everyone. 

ABRSM welcomes entries from all at any grade or level. To enter exams at BISS a signed copy of the entry form in PDF-format must be sent via e-mail to Aurora Vocalis as the local Host and coordinator. Or, you may enter through our website and we enter for you. Same rules will then apply as for our students. Entry fee is set by ABRSM each year, but there will be added a fee for foreign bank transfer and administrative costs (see AV terms).


Aurora Vocalis may offer you guidance and practical help through the whole process, from application and payment, to practice and performance. We may also advise and give guidance to music teachers wanting to learn more about ABRSM.

Norwegian Fees at BISS:

Due to changes in the exchange rate, the exact fee is not set until a few days before the entry deadline.

ABRSM Theory Exams 

Written exams from grade 1-8 conducted twice a year. Suitable for all students studying an instrument or singing. Especially those wanting a higher education within music or are in need of extra credits. It is required to have passed Grade 5 Theory exam before entry to grade 6 practical music exam.

Dates 2020/2021

Exam day, Theory exams, session 1: June 2021

Entry period for Theory exams (session 1): March/April 2021


Exam day, Theory exams, session 2: 10.11.2020

Entry period for Theory exams (session 2): 04.09-18.09.2020

NEW Online exams grade 1-5 coming soon. Contact us for more information.

For more information, contact us, the ABRSM office directly at international@abrsm.ac.uk, or go to:






http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4FBBFsLNek (video of a complete exam)